After more than 23 years of profession in the world of construction equipment, 15 of which as a manager, and more than 35 countries visited, many with major works, I have had many experiences and experiences that I have treasuring a baggage allowed on the works on the equipment and on the management, I would not want to be forgotten.

Today I start the blog in order to share those experiences, but also with the commitment to continue sharing what we keep learning every day.

I can not conclude this introduction without making a special dedication. This blog is dedicated to Jesus (†), Candida, Jesus, Alba and especially Encarna, because without their cooperation would not have been possible.

I have divided the blog into a series of pages where I introduce:

  • professional experiences and photos, making it clear that they are not all who have seen my retinas, because modesty has prevented immortalize
  • Management: At this point I want to put read and own articles, especially those concerning personnel management, leadership, coaching, business management, etc …
  • Machinery and works: in this chapter I will discuss what is my specialty, trying to bring my vision, especially in the works outside Spain.
  • Internationalization: These are recommendations and experiences I have been hoarding on how to access the necessary information. It also includes international logistics. I want to keep learning about it from the great professionals we have in the sector.

The format will be articles, links, presentations, videos, etc. These pages are subject to change if the progress of the sector changes course.

Madrid, July 13, 2017